agrostudies in Israel


how it all started

SUGECO started off with recruiting and offering USAID-funded internship through Africa Lead program which focuses on business for Tanzanian youth. For a celebration of 10th Anniversary of RUFORUM program in Mozambique, Dr. Anna (Chair Board of SUGECO) was invited to present and to share the experiences of the Africa Lead program to fellow participants and organizations. After the presentation, Dr. Anna was informed about the Agrostudies internship program. And the rest, as everyone says, is history.

At the beginning, Dr. Anna was the Sokoine University of Agriculture Coordinator for this internship, with the program expanding for universities and colleges all around Tanzania, she is the National Coordinator for the internship.  In 2015-2016 20 students from SUA were recruited. For the 2016-2017 term,  30 students from SUA, Morogoro; Ukiriguru College, Mwanza; Uyole, Mbeya were sent to Israel and for this term 2017-2018, there are have 30 studentsfrom SUA, Morogoro; Ukiriguru College, Mwanza; Uyole, Mbeya; Tumbi, Tabora; Tengeru, Arusha leaving for Israel. In 2018/2019 45 students have gone to Israel and bring the total to 125 for the program.

about agrostudies

Agrostudies internship provides a unique apprenticeship in agriculture, combining advanced studies and hands on ‘learning by doing ‘ in various fields. With working in selected farms across Israel, each student is ensured to nurture in the most enabling and stimulating learning environment, allowing them to benefit from real exposure to the most advanced agricultural working methods.

Classes are taught once a week on three campuses, one in Tel-Hai College in the North (nearby Kiryat Sh’mona) another at the Ruppin College and a third in Kfar Silver.  In addition, each group is assigned a tutor who accompanies them throughout their internship, based on their area of study.


This is a paid internship, and it is offered on yearly basis.

Length of the internship: 1 year 

Eligibility criteria

  • Undergraduate students at a Tanzanian college/university

  • Tanzanian citizen

  • Fluent in English

  • Hard worker, physically fit, and mentally able to adapt in various environment

  • Able to work 6 days a week, minimum of 12 hours per week

  • Strong motivation for wanting to learn, and to strive for the best work and practices

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a different socio-cultural context

  • Resiliency, adaptability and open-minded

  • Willingness to integrate into the local community

Application procedure

  • Letter of motivation

  • CV with references

Once accepted, a service fee of 250,000tsh must be contributed to SUGECO, which includes:

  • Visa preparation (fee included)

  • Passport application

  • Application and registration to the program

  • Medical check-up

  • Periodical payment plan for the return ticket

  • One-week pre-departure training

  • Escort at the airport for check-ins

The service fee excludes:

  • Passport application fee

  • Transport to and from airportin Tanzania

  • Return ticket to Israel