Jolenta's Story


Jolenta Joseph is a distributor and processor in Morogoro of the highly nutritious Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP). With her business, the nutritionist wants to fight malnutrition in Tanzania and reduce post-harvest loss of OFSP. She started her business in August 2017 by selling fresh OFSP to local markets. After some time, she started cutting, drying and processing the OFSP at the SUGECO dryer. Additionally, she used the milled flour and started selling the OFSP flour to food processors as ingredients for their products.

With the SUGECO network for customers, Jolenta could increase her sales from 50 to 60 kg of processed OFSP per week and managed to increase the sales of fresh OFSP from 200 kg per week up to 600 kg. She extended her product variety and now sells OFSP porridge flour with sorghum and soya under SUGECO Farmers brand.

This brand is highly trusted by consumers as SUGECO production sites are certified from the Tanzania Food and Drug Authority (TFDA) of Republic of Tanzania. Her porridge flour helps people to get a nutritious meal and is especially good for children and pregnant women. In the future, Jolenta wants to sell her porridge flour under her own brand and become independent from SUGECO.