Rose’s Story: Striving to get rid of poverty

Rose Ngoka is a young lady who is struggling to transform her life by exploring different opportunities that comes around. She is 23 years old with college background employed in a certain Organization but for her depending on monthly salary she cannot fulfill her basic needs and accomplish her dreams. Wherever she sees an opportunity she make use of it without considering if she can or not, what she believe is that, she can if she get training and be ready to act on the issue.

She is a SUGECO farmer who is cultivating Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) in a quarter acre of SUGECO farmland in Morogoro. She likes to encourage other youths to fight for life regardless of educational background that someone has.

‘‘To me degree is nothing if you cannot even make 2500ts per day (equivalent to one dollar US). Instead of wasting the time with nothing to do waiting for an employment, it’s better to  employ yourself and seek help from others to build your own micro enterprise’’

For months, she has been working with Kathleen Novelia who is a Food Preservation and Processing Specialist, a UNITERRA volunteer from Canada in making different dried fruits. This started off with her offering help to Kathleen as she saw the amount of different fruits she was processing. The simple gesture turns into a complete training that finally enables her to now process her own dried fruits and establish her micro enterprise, called Amani: Premium Dried Fruits.


By using solar dryer facility at SUGECO she learned on how to dry fruits without losing its nutrients and minerals, along with different techniques on manipulating fruits. So far, she is drying tomatoes, jackfruits, pineapples, plums, pears, bananas, mangoes, and sweet potatoes. She is also making fruit leathers from Kathleen, which is another type of dried fruits that requires a good amount of techniques in order to make it. Many people have been amazed by the texture and taste of the fruit leather since is the new product that most of Tanzanians are not aware of. Through the help and support she received, she has started to meet with clients in Morogoro.

Apart from that, Rose Ngoka has started her contribution in the society since the fruits she is drying she buys from the small holder farmers in Morogoro. By doing so, she is stimulating the fruits market and reducing post harvest losses. Her dream is to have a big enterprise for fruits processing and to become a business woman in sector of fruits.