Internship Programs


National Apprenticeship Program

After the initial technical and business training,  and at the member’s request,  SUGECO organizes short attachments at local farms.  These attachments provide members with practical hands-on experience in selected farming or manufacturing topics.

International Internship Programs

The international internship programs provide participants with the opportunity to learn technologies, work attitudes, market systems, business management and networking. Upon returning to Tanzania, SUGECO recruits the intern to train other youth to establish their own business enterprises. The programs are self-funded.  SUGECO assists successful applicants to meet travel costs (tickets, visas documentation). If you are interested to become a partner please contact:

Revocatus Kimario, Executive Director - SUGECO, | 0788817050


Internships in Israel

In Israel, SUGECO partners with Agrostudies Israel. Graduates from agricultural-related university programmes are placed on Israel farms for 11 months. Since 2015, a total of 125 youth have been through the program. 79 farmers have already returned to Tanzania and a further  45 will have returned by  September 2019. The participants are exposed to various agribusiness value chain enterprises at poultry, dairy and horticulture farms and ornamentals gardens.  In additional to their practical attachment, the interns attend a farming technology course weekly. Allowances received during their internship in Israel are sufficient to cover return air tickets, university fees and stipends. Successful participants receive a post-graduate diploma.

Internships in the USA

Interns arrive in the US on a special J1 visa which allows them to develop skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture while earning money to provide for their day to day needs. Placements are available in crop production, livestock and dairy production, horticulture, agribusinesses and other agricultural specialties.