Our main facility is located at Morogoro. It is open for use for members and up for private rentals.


SUGECO facilitates access to farm land, as well as the machinery and electrical resources necessary for sowing and harvesting purposes—resources typically inaccessible to youth agi-entrepreneurs and newly graduated students. Members benefits include:

  • Access to land

  • Access to various farming equipment

  • Expertise and training on good and sustainable horticultural agronomic practices

  • Support in research development (by appointment)

  • Designated garbage bins for plastics, compost, paper and garbage.


Members have access to our greenhouses.

The greenhouses are currently used as demonstration plots by our members to experiment with different crops.

Food Processing Facilities

SUGECO’s food processing hub, fondly called the ‘incubator’ by SUGECO staff and members alike, is a creative space meant to stimulate innovate thinking and foster a sense of entrepreneurship amongst Tanzanian youth. Along with being an idea-sharing and development centre, the hub also provides the tools and resources necessary to implement and actualize those ingenious ideas!

  • Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) certified premises for food processing facility

  • Access to different machines

  • Expertise and training on various food-processing machines as well as safe and innovative handling practices for individuals, groups as well as smallholder farmers.

  • Support in research development (by appointment)

Small Machines Include:

food processor, grinder, vacuum sealers, water bath

Medium Machines Include:

gas stove, oven, small and big mixers, small dehydrator, freezer, fridge

Big Machines Include:

fruit processor, pasteurizer, electric dehydrator

Solar Dryer

Our newly installed solar dryer in Morogoro!

Our newly installed solar dryer in Morogoro!

SUGECO’s solar dryers, installed at the SUGECO headquarters in Morogoro, as well as the neighboring districts of Gairo and Kilosa, are available for member use and private rentals. The solar dryers, including several mini dryers and a huge solar drying centre, are currently used to dry tomatoes, pineapples, and orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. The dried produce is then processed to develop member products. For instance, the dried orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (otherwise known as Viazi lishe) and tomatoes (nyanya) are used for products within the SolarTunda brand and the Nutritional Awareness & Cash Crops Value Chain (NACC) project.


From spices to flour, the choice is yours

From spices to flour, the choice is yours

SUGECO aims to find a sustainable, economic and environmentally-friendly packaging that meets its members’needs. Our current project is based on facilitating packaging, product-labeling, and marketing for our members’ products, as well as SolarTunda, SUGECO’s very own product line. From manufacturing products such as natural spices, biscuits and juice to researching and developing adequate packaging materials, SolarTunda aims to be a role model for young entrepreneurs.