Here are some of the projects we are working on, along with internship and training opportunities for our Tanzanian youth to get involved in

NACC Project

The Nutrition Awareness & Cash Crops Value Chain Project (NACC) is a collaborative initiative, between SUGECO, Farm Africa and Big Lottery Fund, aiming to address issues facing smallholder farmers (SHFs) in the Gairo and Kilosa districts of Morogoro, Tanzania.


Youth Hands-On Agribusiness Project:
Mkongo Agricultural Youth Camp - Rufiji, Tanzania

During the 2016/17 year, SUGECO in collaboration with the United Nation Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Rufiji Basin Development Authority (RUBADA) and Rufiji District Council jointly conducted a Youth Hands On Agribusiness Skills Training at the Mkongo Agricultural Youth Camp located in the Rufiji District. This year, phase II of the project will be hosted once again, beginning June 29th; for more updates on this year’s youth training, click here!



AGRIstudies internship in israel

This is an opportunity for youth to participate in a paid internship for eleven months in Israel to learn more about agriculture and entrepreneurship at Kfar Silver University, Ashkelon Campus, Israel. 


FOOD PRESErvation & processing research

SUGECO’s new food preservation and research project involves a crop common to Tanzania – Tomatoes! The project involves both researching and implementing age-old preservation techniques (that are both natural and environmentally friendly). Our current research? The development of tomato-based snacks and products (such as tomato sauce and fruit jerky)! We hope to develop marketable products that cater to the Tanzanian market and also have an extended shelf-life (without the addition of harmful preservatives).