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Equipping Youth, Women, and Young Mothers with skills in the Commercial Production of Habanero Chili (Rz Loleza FI)

SUGECO in collaboration with the Skills for Employability in Tanzania (SET) Project conducted a Ten-days Training in different batches for the youths from January to March 2022 focused on the Commercial Production of Habanero Chili (RZ Loleza F1). The training targeted 100 Youths, Women, and Young Mothers from the Morogoro Region who are out-of-school and out-of-job to build their capacity to produce quality habanero chili needed by Darsh Industries Limited, a ready market for and under the SUGECO Kizimba Business Model (KBM).

KBM is a model that will uniquely recruit, enroll, incubate and sustain youth enterprises in horticultural agribusinesses, addressing the unemployment challenge, addressing the skills gap, and creating contractual farming arrangements for selected horticultural crops.

Participants were equipped with practical hands-on skills in the production of a good quantity and quality Habanero Chilli and other horticultural crops. They were trained in skills including  Farm Preparation, Preparation of Raised Beds, Preparation of Soil, Sowing, Application of Manure and Fertilizers, Application of Agricultural Technologies such as Drip Irrigation, Weed and Pest control, Harvesting, and Marketing.