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SUGECO and the CRDB Foundation have formed a partnership.

The Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) has partnered with the CRDB Foundation through the Imbeju program to enable youth and students to be granted loans to develop skills and knowledge through an internship program in developed countries. This is done to ensure that young people acquire knowledge, skills, and expertise, especially in various fields such as livestock, agriculture, tourism, and business. In April 2024, a contract signing event took place at the CRDB bank headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

According to SUGECO Director Mr. Revocatus Kimario, the loan will help young people acquire skills and knowledge that they may use when they return to Tanzania following their internship program. The returnees will help transform the agricultural system in our nation, which will boost the growth of the sector of the economy.

"I express my gratitude to the CRDB foundation for streamlining the loan application process for young people. It is a significant investment for the bank as well as the youth of Tanzania since any successful business must make appropriate knowledge and skill-based investments. Consequently, we think the bank is taking advantage of this chance to give young people exposure to the global workforce in a variety of fields, particularly agriculture, livestock, and tourism. mentioned Mr. Kimario.

The CRDB foundation's relationship officer, Ms. Sharon Sule, on the other hand, stated that the agreement with SUGECO will give young Tanzanians access to financial education and international internship opportunities. The CRDB Foundation has allocated 24 million euros equal to 67 billion to fund the three-year program.