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SUGECO conducted the Jiajiri Business Dialogue event at Sokoine University of Agriculture

More than 600 students from the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) participated in a Jiajiri Business Dialogue event organized by the Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) enabling them to identify various opportunities available in agriculture as well as internship opportunities offered by SUGECO in Europe; (Denmark, Sweden), USA, and Germany.

SUGECO Director Mr. Revocatus Kimario stated that the goal of the Jiajiri Business Dialogue was to inform current students, recent graduates, and other youths about the different agricultural prospects that SUGECO and its partners provide.

According to Mr. Kimario, SUGECO has been organizing internship programs for students from SUA and other universities in developed countries since 2015. More than five hundred young people have benefited from internship and traineeship programs overseas, particularly in European, American, and Asian nations, where they acquire knowledge about the most effective methods of productive agriculture. However, the process necessitates initial funding to allow students and graduates to benefit from these opportunities.

According to Kimario, SUGECO has partnered with the CRDB Foundation to provide internship opportunities to over 2,500 graduates from various universities, including SUA, as well as other colleges. The collaboration is intended to mitigate the hurdles that have prevented some young people from availing themselves of our services, particularly the internship program.

Mr. Joseph Masimba, SUGECO's Director of Innovation and Operations, expressed gratitude to SUA for its partnership, which has allowed SUGECO to keep developing the skills of numerous college students and connecting them with opportunities to ensure that youths learn diverse skills that will enable them to grasp agricultural opportunities and establish agricultural networks.

During the Jiajiri Business Dialogue event, Rachel Mkwizu, a second-year student at the College of Agriculture pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy from SUA, was able to gain insight into how to identify the market in agriculture and see how she can put her knowledge into practice to be able to support herself through the field.

The CRDB Foundation, on the other hand, is pleased to partner with SUGECO so that many young people can take advantage of the programs that SUGECO offers. Ms. Sharon Nsule, a representative from the CRDB Foundation, stated that the foundation has been implementing the Imbeju Program, which offers entrepreneurship training as well as enabling capital for young people and women.