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SUGECO has established demonstration plots for the Accelerated Innovation Delivery Initiative (AIDI-II) Project in Morogoro Region.

The Accelerated Innovation Delivery Initiative (AIDI-II) project is being carried out in the Morogoro, Njombe, and Iringa Regions by SUGECO and TAPBDs, a consortium partner. Through CIMMYT and AGRA, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provides funding for the project.         

Among SUGECO's roles is the establishment of demonstration plots for the purpose of educating farmers about various agricultural advancements, including fertilizers, seeds, and related technologies. In cooperation with extension officers from the ward, district, and regional levels in the Morogoro Region, SUGECO continued to oversee and promote farmers' access to high-quality extension services as well as the use of innovative and good agricultural practices on demonstration plots.

Since February 2024, the project has successfully developed 8 mega and 37 mother demonstration farms for grains, legumes, and other nutrient-dense crops. In the Morogoro region, the initiative exhibits climate-smart agricultural technology and economical, adaptive innovations such drip irrigation, manure plugs, hybrid seeds, and the use of selective herbicides for weeding.

Through the AIDI project, the initiative keeps empowering women and youth economically. Furthermore, by the end of 2024, the project will actively change the lives of one million Tanzanian households. Farmers who benefit from AIDI will receive continuous training and resources from SUGECO and TAPBDs.