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The representatives from Cuso International visits SUGECO

The Director of Resource Development, Ms. Laurie Buske, and the Director of Program Strategy and Innovation, Ms. Tania Shephard, visited the Sokoine University Graduates Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) on November 21st, 2022. While at SUGECO, they met with management and both international and national Cuso Volunteers who are working with SUGECO to build institutional capacity and carry out Cuso International-supported programs.

Along with some Cuso Volunteers, the representatives visited some demo farms and incubation centers, conducted interviews with program participants at SUGECO, and traveled across the Morogoro Region to meet with other program beneficiaries.

Cuso International in partnership with SUGECO promotes opportunities for self-employment for women and youth in the agricultural value chain in Tanzania through the Kizimba Business Model.


The beneficiary of the SUGECO program Miss. Esther Julius (Left)  visited by the representatives from Cuso International accompanied by Cuso national Volunteer Mr. Hussein Jumanne Hussein (Right)